Trip Report 01/04/2017

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On Saturday 1st April we had a strong Curtin Divers presence on board the Cape Cruiser with 7 of us heading to Rotto for a couple of dives.

We had a nice easterly breeze and moderate swell when we arrived at the first site ‘carpet emporium’ which is one of the few grey nurse sites around rotto. Visibility wasn’t fantastic and with a few newbie divers on board our group managed to get split in two with some heading the correct direction and the rest (directed by myself) heading in the opposite direction to the site. A swift current managed to take us far enough away that we never made it to the site, which was unfortunate as report of the cave and another cave nearby being full of nurse sharks. Leading the group I did manage to spot a turtle which is unusual for Rotto and grab a cray by hand for dinner.

Second dive we headed to the popular crystal palace. A site sitting in about 8m of water but filled with cracks that go down to about 17m filled with good caves and swim-throughs. A much shallower dive we managed a nice long dive where we spotted cuttlefish, a wobbegong, Port Jackson and heaps of fish.

All back on board it was a nice cruise home with almost no wind at all. As the boat was refueled we also refueled on coffee and icecream in Freo.

In the end a great day with some great people. Hope to see you out there soon.